SEO Consultancy

Grow your Sussex business online with bespoke SEO consultancy. You get the expertise of a full-time employee, without the hassle of hiring and keeping them.

With my 5-step SEO consultancy cycle, you’ll begin to outgrow your competitors online. I’ll help you appear for potential customers wherever they’re searching, maximising profitability.

5-step SEO consultancy cycle


First, we’ll find out what’s stopping you from growing online with an SEO audit. I’ll provide you with a prioritised list of things to fix and next steps for getting them resolved.

After that, we’ll create a roadmap for success with an SEO strategy. I’ll supplement technical SEO fixes from the audit with activities to grow your online presence. If you are competing with larger brands, i’ll conduct competitor analysis to give you an edge.

I can provide full SEO implementation support, so you don’t have to worry about finding the time. I’m familiar with all major CMS providers, including WordPress, Drupal & Magento. If your new SEO strategy requires pages to be added, i can help you create content for them.

Once implemented, i’ll show you the results with bespoke SEO reporting and monitoring.

Based on the findings of the reports, i’ll continually optimise your web presence for maximum return on investment.

and repeat!