Sussex website design

Your business deserves an exceptional website

If you don’t have one yet, there’s no longer any doubt that you’re missing out on gaining new customers.

Research shows 50% of people who search for local products and services make a decision the SAME DAY.

This means you likely have one chance to convince people you’re the right place for them.

Make it count with my website design service for Sussex businesses.

Your new website will do 3 things

A great small business website needs to be three things:
  • Simple for your customers to understand
  • Easily found on search engines
  • Able to grow with your business

My web design service will accomplish all these things for you. I’ll use WordPress’ powerful suite of website building tools to create you a website which is fast, simple and beautiful.

I’ll also leverage my SEO skills to ensure your new website has the best chance of being highly visible on search engines.

Once the groundwork of your website has been laid, we can start creating great content and articles. The aim of this is to educate, inform and inspire your potential customers.

Answering the questions people have will raise your brand awareness. It’ll also create an air of authority & trustworthiness which will compel people to try your business.

Website benefits

Anything is possible when creating a new website. Below are some of the ways a new website could help your business grow online:

Build brand awareness

First impressions count. A slick company website will go a long way to earning your customer's trust.

Sell products & services

Showcase your services, take bookings or sell products with powerful E-commerce website functionality.

Inform your audience

Demonstrate your expertise with high-quality website content that educates prospective customers.

Foster a community

Encourage a discussion among your customers with a website forum and community centre. This will create loyal fans of your brand who will buy from you again and again.

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