SEO Consultancy

My SEO consultancy focuses on pragmatic, sustainable practices that yield long-term growth. I've achieved fantastic results in a variety of industries, from finance to retail.

An important part of this on-going relationship is knowing three things about the business:

  1. It's goals
  2. It's audience
  3. It's offering

When it comes to business goals, SEO is a means to an end. Obtaining organic visibility on its own may be important to some. Yet, many brands consider revenue, quotes or new subscribers to be more important. Knowing the goals are the first step to achieving them.

The next step is having a clear understanding of the business' audience. Their end goal, how they use search engines to find solutions and how they behave when they find it. This will allow us to appear for the right person at the perfect time.

At this point, an intimate knowledge of the business's offering is vital. If we know how to solve people's problems with our products and services, we can help them see the value and convert. They become a happy customer and the business grows.

Your path to success with SEO

Ensure the long-term online growth of your Sussex business with a robust SEO process

1 - Find your strengths & weaknesses

The SEO audit will identify what's stopping your business from fulfilling its potential online and where key opportunities can be found. I'll use my experience at a leading UK digital marketing agency to run a comprehensive SEO audit of your website. I'll also analyze other places that your business is visible online, as these contribute to your overall authority.

2: Create a growth plan

Based on these findings, I can work with you to create a roadmap for improving your business' online visibility, uniquely tailored to your business goals. High priority fixes and quick wins will be front and centre in this roadmap. This is so we can focus on fixing any potentially crippling problems first, then action recommendations that are most likely to provide immediate value with low effort.

3: Implement the plan

After that, using my experience of running SEO campaigns for huge UK companies, I can get to work on implementing this roadmap. That's where the magic happens.

4: Track it's successes & failures

To show you exactly what kind of returns you're getting on your investment, I can provide insightful SEO reports that actively show how your business is growing.

5: Optimise & repeat

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