Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is a way for your business to shout loudly about the value you can provide for your customers. This includes providing great advice on things people are trying to do that link back to what you're trying to accomplish as a brand.

Why content marketing is important

People are always searching for something when they're online, however they aren't always going to be looking for exactly what you offer. Providing a useful mix of good quality advice, entertainment and promotions will increase your chances of being present at all stages of their buyers journey. If you don't do this, chances are your competitors will.

How content marketing will grow your brand

Producing great content for your website will naturally increase traffic over time. This is because search engines like Google are on a mission to provide people with the best answer to any of their queries. Consistently helping your customers to achieve their goals is great for SEO, as more more people coming directly to your website will eventually push your business to the top of search results pages. As your authority online increases, other reputable businesses and individuals will link to your content, increasing your momentum and leading more people to become brand advocates.

My Content marketing services

After analyzing your website, i'll suggest improvements and projects ranked in order of the potential value they'll provide your business. If you want some more information on specific aspects of content marketing or are just looking for one-off project work, some key examples are listed below.

Content strategy
Content gap analysis
Content outreach
Blog & content planning

I'll work with you to implement a content marketing planner in conjunction with a publication checklist for the editing process.

Content creation training

I'll teach you how to write content that's engaging, useful and will move readers gently along their buyer's journey by helping them make informed decisions. 

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