Hi, i'm Charlie Thornton!

Charlie Thornton wearing a black suit and red tie

A quick overview

An enthusiastic digital marketer from Haywards Heath in Sussex.  I'm passionate about search engine optimization, paid media and social media marketing. I have experience managing campaigns from planning through to execution, tracking results as they happen. I work at iCrossing digital marketing agency in Brighton where i help brands like Barclays, L'Oreal and White Stuff increase their visibility in Search Engines like Google and Bing. 

In my spare time i provide voluntary SEO and marketing consultancy to small businesses in the mid Sussex area. Doing this allows me to build my skill set in a local environment and give me a chance to run campaigns where i can make a real difference. This is because a lot of smaller businesses simply cannot afford to hire a professional who knows how to optimise their web presence appropriately.  You can check out some of my work or read my CV to find out a bit more about what i do.

When i'm not working my main interests are writing science fiction, completing video games, practicing my beer pong skills and playing table tennis. One of the reasons this site exists is so i could make some of my more complete creative works available to read here. This includes my work-in-progress sci-fi novel Empyrean Lance. If you enjoy your sci-fi with huge, corrupt super-cities, sand pirates, sentient spacehips and an ancient cult's curious galaxy spanning quest, this could be for you.

Looking for your next SEO Manager?

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I'm currently working as an SEO Analyst at iCrossing digital marketing agency in Brighton. Before that i worked at Fresh Egg (also a digital marketing agency) in Worthing. Some of the tasks i have experience with include:

  1. Monthly organic search visibility reporting for big brands in retail and finance sectors
  2. Structural & Technical analysis of large and small websites to identify room for improvement
  3. Backlink audits to find and disavow toxic links
  4. Competitor analysis to find brands that are a good candidate for content outreach
  5. keyword research to figure out what users need from the website and also discover good ideas for content and product descriptions
  6. Site migrations from http to https and switching domains completely.

Are you a small Mid-Sussex business?

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As well as helping big brands achieve enhanced organic search visibility, i'm working in my spare time with two local Sussex businesses to grow their online presence. The first of these is Strawberry Vibes, a Burgess Hill fitness studio. The other is Sara Goodwin, a Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga  instructor from Maresfield. You can pick and choose any of my services you like, but they work better if you weave all of the disciplines into one comprehensive digital marketing strategy. I offer:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for existing sites
  2. Paid Search Marketing
  3. WordPress website design with SEO interwoven from the start
  4. Social Media Marketing (including paid social ads)
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Website analytics implementation and monitoring
  7. Strategy & Planning to ensure your digital marketing campaigns are driving the results you need