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I'm Charlie Thornton, a freelance digital marketing consultant based in Seaford, East Sussex.

In my role at iCrossing, a digital marketing agency in Brighton, I work with huge brands like M&S, Barclays and L'Oréal to help them gain new customers and make more money.

Now, I want to help small businesses in Seaford and East Sussex to access the enormous potential of digital marketing as well.

Charlie Thornton

How i can help

Digital Marketing Strategy

It all starts with a simple, actionable, marketing strategy that's tailored to your business. This makes sure all your objectives are taken into account, and that all of our efforts are directly tied to key performance indicators which show how your business is growing.

Search Engine Optimisation

Visibility on search engines like Google, YouTube & Bing (where everyone goes online to find your business) is not guaranteed, it's hard-earned.  I will put best practice SEO strategies in place to make sure your business is properly represented online.

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing

You've got the knowledge and experience that your customers want, but proper organisation and planning are key. Using informed customer need research and a bespoke content strategy, we can distribute your useful ideas in a way that earns you happy customers and visibility for your brand.

Content Marketing

WordPress Website Design

If you haven't got a website, want to migrate from one kind of CMS (Content Management System) to another, or simply aren't happy with your current WordPress site, don't despair! I can create the ultimate destination for your business which is fully optimized and scalable to your needs.

Website Design

Social Media Marketing

Become a friendly face that your customers instinctively turn to on social media for useful advice and support to find the right solution to all their problems. Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others is also a great way of alerting your following to all promotions and new developments.

Analytics & Measurement

Measure every customer's interaction with your website, ads and social presence. Incrementally improve every aspect of your online properties to set you apart from the competition as a business that listens to their clients.


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Charlie Thornton set up my website over a year ago. I am thrilled with it, mainly because I get a steady number of inquiries, 90% of which have converted to being a client.

This shows that he has set my website to target only relevant potential customers. It is easy to use and I chose for Charlie to continue as administration and SEO to save me having to do this, giving me more time to spend on what I am good at.

A professional and personal service delivered by a very polite individual.

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I help small businesses in Seaford and around Sussex to gain more customers online. My services include creating you a website or enhancing the one you have, making sure you're highly visible on search engines and showing you how to use content marketing to reach potential customers.

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Writing is one of the enduring passions in my life; I have the privilege of instructing businesses how to write better for their customers in my job. I also write for fun whenever I get the chance and will be endeavoring to share as much of both kinds as possible on my blog.

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I'm currently working at the Brighton office of iCrossing UK, a large multi-national digital marketing agency. The clients I work with include a couple of the largest banks in the world, some of the UK's most trusted high street retailers and a variety of other market leaders from pharma to air travel.

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